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Pasta Bake for Hungry Nomsters

I have moved out and without my parents glorious kitchen, without all the wonderfully large selection of pots and pans and knives and other kitchen gadgets I have found super cool cooking that bit tougher.

This is one of my (no joke) easy student dinners that is delicious.

Boil some water and get whatever pasta you want going. ~400g.

Get a 450g pack of good low fat content mince (please don’t go near that weird chuck mince stuff, Eww). When the mince is brown all round throw two cans of chopped tomatoe on top of it, a teaspoon of herb de provence and a teaspoon of oregano (both dried). Season with salt and pepper too. I usually add a squeeze of tomatoe puree, which is a cheaper way to get the delicious taste one would normally get from good passat. Let all the meaty goodness cook away until the sauce becomes a lovely dark rich red.

To add a naughty richness to the pasta bake I also use a heavier farmhouse cheddar, rather than a normal medium strength one. The extra tangy sharpness in the cheese only adds to the nom-factor.

Pour the cooked sauce down the bottom of a baking  tray, add the drained pasta and top with the nummy cheddar. Bake for 15-20 mins, or until the cheese at the top and melted and crisped.

Eat. Maybe whip up some homemade garlic bread while you’re at it.

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