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Rainy Summer Plum Jam

Oh man, I have not been present here and for that I apologise. I was living it up in Stockholm for a good chunk of the summer. But on my return one of my neighbours came to the door and flung a huge bag of plums at us. What better than to make a delicious jam!

This jam is so simple and easy to make and is one of my favourites to use, because it uses a little bit less sugar than others that I have tried.

Get all the fruit, and de-seed it and chop into small pieces. If they are really really mushy, pull of the fruit and remove both the skin and the seed. Plum skin can be very tough somtimes, so better safe than sorry.

Take 900g of chopped plum and pop it in to a large pot, simmer with 100-150ml of water (I gauge this based on the amount of fruit juice I have salvaged after the chopping!) until the fruit is mushy, usually 20-30mins.

Pour 700g of sugar (jam sugar if you want, but I find plums often have enough pectin to make a good sticky jam) into a pyrex dish and shove it in a preheated oven ¬†for 15mins (180 degrees celcius). Preheating the sugar is something Delia Smith does and I have always found it to be a super way of ensuring the sugar doesn’t crystallise.

[At this point I get all my dishwasher-washed bottles and pop them in the oven, which is conveniently already heated because we needed it for the sugar. You want the bottles to be in 180 degrees for at least 20mins to have them sterilised]

When the fruit is a nice fresh red-pink plum coloured mush add the heated sugar and simmer for 15 mins. Then crank up the heat and bring the jam to the boil for 10mins. There should be no sugar crystals in the jam, when you coat it AND if you were to take a small amount on a tea spoon and pop it on a plate, after a minute you should be able to run your nail through it and it crinkles (that means its set).

Bottle and label. Enjoy with a hot slice of toast, scones or on a PBnJ.

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