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Post-Christmas Left Over Turkey Curry Nom

Om Nom Nom

Everyone has turkey left over and doesn’t always know what to do with it and there’s only so many turkey sandwiches one can eat (apparently?). This curry is pretty easy and quick to whip up.

Onion, Chili, Fenugreek, Mustard Seeds.

Grab a tablespoon of mustard seeds and heat them in a large pot or casserole dish with a couple of glugs of vegetable oil until the seeds start popping. Throw in two chopped chilis and a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds and 1-2 chunks of fresh ginger (I grate it, but chopped is fine too). Stir quickly, don’t let the spices burn and then throw 3 chopped red onions on top.

Add the Ginger

Let  this cook until the onions are wonderfully golden and softened. 


Then add a teaspoon of chili powder and a teaspoon of tumeric. The colour change of the onions is noticeble, as the tumeric starts staining everything a lovely yellow.


Then a tin of chopped tomatoes (or blitz a can of whole plum tomatoes) is added to the pot and two glasses of water.

Add Tomatoe and Water

Whack 400ml of full fat coconut milk in (if you use reduced fat coconut milk, it looks as if its split, although its still edible!). Add a teaspoon of rock salt to season. I added a handful or two of chopped coriander at this point. 

Coconut Milk

Add Fresh Coriander

This is the perfect base sauce for a curry and anything can be added to it at this point, fish, chicken.. turkey!

Ready for Meat, Veg or Fish

Chop the turkey (600g) up into small strips and bit size chunks, this is great because you can use all the bits of the turkey that people don’t like using on their post-christmas turkey sandwiches.  In a pan heat a tablespoon of lightly crushed coriander seeds and toss the turkey in it.

Post-Christmas Turkey Left Overs Hot Coriander Seeds

Then add the turkey to the sauce and simmer for 15 minutes until the turkey is soft and has soaked up the colour and spice from curry. Serve with rice for post-christmas noms (or just annual noms). 


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Cous Cous and Halloumi Nom

It’s coming up to exam time again and simple easy and quick food is the best thing. Not to mention that sometimes fridges aren’t gloriously filled with fresh delicious food, but rather a random collection of thins you’ve forgotten about.

All the goods found

some springonions (which needed a lot of dry leafy bits removed)

some kind of wrinkly tomatoes

a packet of halloumi

some salsa verde I had from last week

an orange (I used the rind and ate the rest!)

a bottle of pesto (that is in the fridge for nights when you’re tired and just need a bowel of easy pasta.

I also found two chicken drumsticks in the freezer that were now defrosted. I left them in the bag they came in, chucked in a teaspoon of ground cumin, ground coriander and some garam masala and then two tablespoons of natural yoghurt. Leave the drumsticks to marinade for as long as you have and them pop them on some tin foil in the oven at 180 degrees celcius.

Ready to Marinate Drumsticks

I took 200g of cous cous and popped it in to a frying pan with water. The heat keeps the water boiling and the cous cous cooks extra quick. In another pan I heated the chopped springonions, with halfed baby tomatoes and a tablespoon of red pesto. I then poured that on to the now cooked cous cous and stirred it in.

Cous cous basics

Almost there

I didn’t clean the pan because I like to keep the flavours there and use them again (as long as nothing burns) and threw on well-peppered roughly chopped halloumi. Fry it until the edges are nice and brown and the cheese is beginning to melt in parts. (I often cook cous cous in stock, but didn’t here because the halloumi is so salty anyway!)

Halloumi Nom

I grabbed some rind from an orange and added it to my salsa verde for an extra nom. A drumstick to munch on the side, if you’re not a veggie.

Halloumi and cous cous

With a drumstick on the side!

Threw it all on a plate and nom. Done.

Easy student fridge raiding meal.

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Student’s Simple Homemade Burritos

For some reason the other half is mad in to burritos these days. Burritos can now be found all over the place and are a nom ready to eat, quick, filling and significantly healthier option when it comes to fast food.

Here we literally were scrambling through the fridge and cupboards looking for a Saturday night nom.

1 can of kidney beans

Some left over chicken/turkey/beef


Sour Cream






And anything else you like on your burritos, or that you have handy in the cupboard.

We only had the small tortillas handy so we had two little burritos each. Quickly heat the tortilla on a pan, less than a minute on either side.

Previously we took a can of already cooked kidney beans, washed and drained them, mashed them in a bowl, seasoned them and refried them. Your left with a tasty bean paste mash that you then spread first on the tortilla wrap. Follow it up with the chicken, your sauces, the sour cream, some rice, cheese and jalapenos (or whatever is your fancy on a burrito) and wrap.

Homemade Burritos

Scrumptious student cupboard surprises!

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Christmas Festivities and the New Year

I was slack in not getting this up in a timely manner, But i’d feel awful if the actual turkey never got to see the void that is the web! Christmas was delightful, a couple of kinks on the cooking front could have gone better. On a whim a family member decided it may be a good idea to include aniseed in the gravy. Let’s not do that again – but the rest was delish and everyone was full.

The pudding. Ah the Christmas pudding. I have a penchant for a good Christmas Pudding.We often have a couple in the house and would have one at Easter too if we felt like it. They keep for ages and must simply be neatly packed and sealed in a tupperware box, or in a fridge.

It’s quite a homey desert and the little brother makes the brandy butter and this year again a nameless family member made the custard. It split. BUT still tasted delicious and was gone before anyone could say “it split”.

There were a few cold shoulders about that custard. There is nothing like a creamy smooth custard on a fruity cake like a Christmas Pudding. That funny weird split consistency where no matter what you can’t get the curdled feeling to go – not great for a custard. That said the taste is usually just a delicious and the whole jug disappeared – who cares about a Christmas faux pas anyway!

Christmas day problems aside I actually prefer the POST-Christmas day foods that a fantastic turkey and ham can give you! I could live off cranberry and turkey sandwiches for life if I had too – there is something so nom about them it’s difficult to describe, but there is just very little that can beat a chunky slice of good bread, toasted with a very thin scraping of mayo on it, a teaspoon of cranberry sauce  and some left over turkey.

We are also big fans of the Turkey and Ham en Croute. It’s our adaptation of the Turkey Feuilletes that you see floating around. Using the old favorite Quick Flaky Pastry and preparing a turkey-ham filling. A couple of onions are browned at the bottom of a pot in butter, and chopped mushrooms, button, chestnut whatever mushrooms you like are thrown on top. A lot of people use bacon at this point, we decided one year why use a new pack of bacon when we have all this delicious Christmas ham floating around. Dice up 200-250grams of ham and add it to the onion and mushrooms. Add the turkey diced too 200-300 grams On top of this add a tablespoon of flour, add a little more if you feel its needed, and stir until everything is covered with a little bit of flour that’s now gone soggy in the meat, mushroom, onion and butter juices. This will thicken the sauce once you add the chicken stock next, 400ml,  in little quantities stirring the whole time. Let it simmer on the heat and pop in 100ml of creme fraiche. Add a cup of frozen peas to the mix and when they’re soft leave it to stand.

Roll out the Quick Flaky Pastry into one large square, about 5mm thick if you can, avoiding holes. Using a spatula spoon the mix into the center of the square of pastry and fold each of the corners inward. Bake in the oven at 180-200 degrees Celsius until golden brown on top and bottom. Slice and serve hot.

The New Year is all about those new year resolutions, I still haven’t decided on one, so I’ll hold off on that for the moment. In the middle of exams in college so we’ll see about the next update. It will most certainly be on the next project: Candied Crystallized Fruit

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