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Student’s Simple Homemade Burritos

For some reason the other half is mad in to burritos these days. Burritos can now be found all over the place and are a nom ready to eat, quick, filling and significantly healthier option when it comes to fast food.

Here we literally were scrambling through the fridge and cupboards looking for a Saturday night nom.

1 can of kidney beans

Some left over chicken/turkey/beef


Sour Cream






And anything else you like on your burritos, or that you have handy in the cupboard.

We only had the small tortillas handy so we had two little burritos each. Quickly heat the tortilla on a pan, less than a minute on either side.

Previously we took a can of already cooked kidney beans, washed and drained them, mashed them in a bowl, seasoned them and refried them. Your left with a tasty bean paste mash that you then spread first on the tortilla wrap. Follow it up with the chicken, your sauces, the sour cream, some rice, cheese and jalapenos (or whatever is your fancy on a burrito) and wrap.

Homemade Burritos

Scrumptious student cupboard surprises!

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Nomni Burgers

Burgers are one of those super staple foods for family, make in bulk and use straight away or freeze for one of those awfully busy weeks! With the summer coaxing us into the garden, burgers are also handy once the BBQ is cleaned and ready to go. I am a big fan of big flavours and well seasoned burgers. There’s nothing worse than a poor quality beef ground into a paste and shaped – I like good fresh minced beef, lots of spices and some onion to give extra texture to the burgers.

Grab your mince and pop it into a bowl. Get 1-2 onions (depending on your love for onion) chop it up and brown in a little oil. Add one heaped tablespoon of mustard seeds to the browning onion.

Beat an egg and pop in on to the mince. Squeeze some tomatoe puree in as well. And don’t forget a good grind of pepper and a pinch of salt.

My personal favourites for the spices are cumin seed (ground works too), ground coriander  (I wouldn’t use coriander seed, too big and not nice to bite down on), fennel seed and some sort of hot spice; paprika or chili flakes. In this one I was cooking for friends, and one guest didn’t like hot food, so I added a teaspoon of Pimenton (a very mild smoked paprika).

Roll up your sleeves and get the hands ready to squish and squidge until the mixture is homologous (What’s the cooking terminology for that?). Uniform? Mixed well?

Shape and Cook. Serve as you serve burgers, homemade brown bread buns, chunky guacamole and spicy tomatoe salsa. It”s heavenly getting the odd crunchy mustard seed and a rare hint of fennel. Nom nom nom.

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