Watermelon and Mint Sorbet – A Blast of Fresh Zing

It’s summer time and mom decided to buy the biggest watermelon I’ve ever seen. The family made an attempt to eat through it but just couldn’t, so we had a lot of spare watermelon in the fridge – it would have been a shame to let it go to waste. So I decided to learn something new and make sorbet. Its a bit of a funny one to make, because there is just nothing worse than a really icy sorbet that doesn’t roll well in the mouth, so I was a little worried.

I made four times what I have in the recipe, because I was working with a huge amount of watermelon, but I’ve left it at the normal amounts here and feel free to just adapt based on what you have available to you.

375mL water

250g sugar

600g-800g watermelon

4 leaves of mint

100mL lemon juice

Watermelon ready to go!

First job is to de-seed the watermelon, which is a pain, but necessary.

De-seed the WatermelonChunks of Watermelon

Then blend the chunks of watermelon in a food processor.

Blend the Watermelon

Drain watermelon through sieve lined with muslin cloth

Grab a sieve and line the sieve with a muslin cloth. Filter off any missed seeds and pulp left over from the fruit. You end up with a deep red juice. Nom.

Get sugar, lemon juice and water and heat until sugar is dissolved. I added a couple of mint leaves tied in a muslin bag to give some extra flavour. When sugar is dissolved, remove bag of mint and leave to cool.

Syrup of Lemon Juice, Sugar and Water

Mint Leaves wrapped in a muslin cloth bag

Once syrup is cooled, mix in the watermelon juice.

Chilled, Mixed and ready to be frozen!

Place in an ice cream machine and use according to standard guidelines for your machine. We have one of the basic Gaggia ones.

Pop in Ice Cream Machine until smooth and frozen

Store in air tight tupperware container and serve however you see fit!

Voila! Finished watermelon sorbet!

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