A Mug Inspiring Compilation

3 ingredients

A very interesting trend started in the last few years, cooking cakes, pies or other easy make dishes in a cup. I like my cup of soups and that, but have always been a little sceptical about mug cakes. Here are a few I’m trying currently and I have to say they are absolutely nom! Not to mention how easy they are to make, some with as little as three ingredients!

1. Good ol’ Chocolate Chip Mug Cake – and it only takes 5 minutes!


Chocolate Mug

2. Red Velvet – for those that love a well coloured mug cake!


Red Velvet

3. Eggless Microwave Brownies – very light, absolutely nom! 


Eggless brownies

4.  Nutella Mug Cake – Nutella?! Sorry I started drooling the minute you said it. 


Nutella mug cake

5. French toast in a mug – sounded quirky to me, but a really lovely quick and a little bit of a decadent brekkie! 


6. Peanut Butter – anyone for some nom?


Peanut Butter Mug Cake

7. Sugar Cookie – Cookies in a cup also seem to be a thing!


Sugar cookie

8. Blueberry crumble – seriously nom. I had some blueberries spare and try this one if any of them!


Blueberry Crumb

9. Christmas Mug Cakes – some people like their seasonal mug cakes too!


Christmas Candy Cake

10. Strawberry mug pies – fresh, tangy and nom!


Unbelievably Nom Mug

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