My Dedication to Other Food Blogs Post

I am busy eating post-Christmas turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce, and trying to drag it out for as long as I can. While also avoiding a 2000-word essay I have to write. So I’m taking a break from cooking and blogging that this week and instead passing on some nommy guides to look out for!

The internet is mad full of lots of different wonderful noms, and there are truly some awesome gems out there if you look in the right places, or happen to stumble across them some evening while trawling through the vast expanse of the world wide web.


Here are a 5 food related blogs that I particularly like at the moment!

1. One Man N’ His Pan

A recently new endeavour, but it is sure to take off in the next while. Check out his Poor Man’s Beef Wellington, it’s next on my list of Friday Night Noms!

2. Gotta bake em all

A pokemon inspired baking blog, run by my flatmate – yes biased, but arn’t they just SO pretty. Also unlike all of you, I get to try their produce on a weekly basis!

3. The Domestic Man

This blog is just the right combo of naughty and nom. The recipes are delicious and just what you want for a good solid nom!

4. The Rantings of an Amateur Chef

There is almost as many recipes up here as you’d find in several cook books. It’s neatly tagged and can all be found on easily accessible pages, with especially good advice on meat!

5. 1227 Foster (Previously known as Danny’s Kitchen)

This fella’ is going places, a really good mix of things to cook here, with pretty photos to boot.

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