Serious Adult Rocky Road – Christmas Pud Alternative

The Adult Rocky Road Mountain, is an alternative to a christmas pudding if you’re not into that – but it’s also a delicious dessert in itself, for any time of the year. It’s also very flexible so you can add whatever you’d like to suit it to a meal your are planning or a season of the year. Be inventive and make your own version! Nom nom nom! My hands were a little sticky, so the photos of the making process are lacking, but it is so nom, so its worth it without the step by step  pictures!

Chunks of Rocky Road Nom

Get all the ingredients ready, take some away as you like and add others to your taste!


Sunflower oil 3-4 teaspoons, 50g popcorn popped (this is about half an average microwave bag), 50g of desiccated coconut, 100g pecan nuts, 200g flaked almonds, 100g hazelnuts, 100g shelled pistachios, zest of one large orange, 50ml of stem ginger syrup, handful of each of the following: dried cranberries, sultanas, dried cherries, tukish delight (the real stuff), crystallised ginger, crushed biscuits, ginger nut, digestives (whatever crunchy biscuity cookies you like!) AND don’t forget a good handful of chopped up marshmallows (I like using pink and white ones, it looks prettier when you cut it up!) You will also need 400g of good quality dark chocolate, 70% is best.

For the top I use 100-200g of white chocolate, orange juice  and/or another couple of dessert spoons of desiccated coconut.


Prep a bowl by lining it with crumpled grease proof paper (the crumpling will give it texture when you tip it over at the end, and will allow for the topping to fill into all the cracks!)

Pop all the chocolate into a bowl over water and heat until melted stirring as often as you can.

Meanwhile pop the popcorn in a pot with a little oil and pop them (if you’re using microwave popcorn add a bit of oil to the pot anyway and heat). When the popcorn is all popped, remove off the heat and take out any kernels that havn’t popped. Add the ginger stem syrup (if you don’t want the ginger vibe going on I have done this using golden syrup or if you’re very stuck a liquid glucose would probably also work!). Once the sugary-oily mix is warm and sloshy get all those dry ingredients and add it on top of the oily-sugary popcorn – that is the nuts, the fruits, the tukish delight and marshmallows, the biscuits and whatever you’d like to add!  Mix well so that they are all lightly covered with the liquid.


Once the chocolate is melted pour it over the mix in the pot and mix thoroughly again making sure to coat everything well in the chocolate too! Pour the mix into the bowl with grease proof paper and leave it for a good few hours in a cold room or a fridge! I usually pop it in the fridge over night.

Open up the package, and turn it upside down so that the pudding shape is round the right way on the bowl. The crumpled grease proof paper should have done its job and left craters for the topping to flow into. Melt some white chocolate, once melted add some icing sugar, a handful of desiccated coconut and  the juice of an orange. Mix well and pour over the chocolate rocky road mountain. Let it cool a little before you pop it back in the fridge.

Serve with a big knife and some good coffee.

Adult Rocky Road


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