Leek and Potatoe Soup with Chorizo

Winter time is nigh and with Halloween gone (the Halloween Pumpkin post will be coming soon, but first this one must be dealt with) it is getting bitter cold. There is nothing better on a cold crisp night than a warm bowl of soup and a slice of toast. This is a soup that the other half and my brother often request when the chilly weather comes a’ knockin’.

I grabbed two largeish leek and sliced them in to the circle discs that leeks are often slices in to and then popped them in to a pot with one or two onions sliced. Add a bit of oil if needed, but often I find there is enough water in the leek to not warrant the oil – that said these things are up to you. A flatmate of mine cooks her vegetables in water rather than oil for a healthier om nom, if you so desire.

While the leek and onion are softening and browning, peel and cube a handful of potatoes, I used as many as I felt was necessary, so about 6-8 medium sized ones.

When the leek has browned/softened bang the cubes of potatoe  in and get the kettle boiling. I use 2 litres of vegetable or chicken stock, whichever you prefer. Pop that on  to the leek and potatoe. Cook until potatoe cubes are tender. Season with salt and pepper.

When ready to serve, heat the soup well. In a saucepan fry up some chopped chorizo sausage, don’t use oil there is enough fat in the chorizo to keep it going. Scatter a few hot and crispy chunks of chorizo on top of the piping hot potatoe and leek soup. Serve with a slice of toast.

The best kind of warm om nom.

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