Easy Lunch: Steak

Stuck for a nice lunch. Sirloin Steak and some spring onions from the garden and some of that salad from last night sitting in a tupperware container in the fridge. That’s all you need.

Pop a little bit of oil and a little bit of butter in the pan. A mix of butter and oil means the boiling point is reduced and it will burn at a slightly higher temperature. We cook on an old AGA that doesn’t know the meaning of “controlled” temperature, it flucuates on a daily basis so it’s always a bit hit and miss.

Grab your steak, and cut off any extra fat. I really dislike the grissly ends on a steak and prefer to spend an extra ten minutes removing any fat I can see BEFORE cooking, than afterwards. Also it’s probably healthier that way!

I used lots of pepper and dried lemon, which is hard to get, but if you know somewhere go get it, it’s amazing. Using dried lemon here allows you to keep the pan really really hot (adding a tablespoon of lemon juice would cool the pan quite a bit and stop that nice brown edge coming up on the steak!).

Once the oil/butter is hot and melted and bubbling a little pop the steak on the pan. Add 5-6 spring onions around the side. The heat will sort of steam them, the butter will caramelise them a little and they’ll end up a nice caramelised green with a sweet oniony taste to them lovely. The steaks we get are usually 2-2.5 cm thick so a good 5 minutes on either side  (this is on the grumpy inconsistent AGA remember) leaves a nice pink streak in the centre of the steak. But cook to your own taste!

Serve with some salad and the soft sweet spring onions.

Om nom nom.

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