The Best Breakfast Scones

Scones. One of the most delicious hearty warm breakfasts you can get, freshly baked, still steaming with some homemade raspberry or apricot jam. This is some serious noms. The main reason for making these is not just because they are delicious, but because the panda girlfriend is madly in nom with these little treats – and it appeases her noms very well. Whipped. Even food whipped. Nom nom nom.

What you will need for a batch to feed a small army is the following (half the small army batch to make a reasonable number of scones): 900g of self-raising flour, 230g of butter, unsalted if possible (but I wouldn’t make a fuss about it if you have none in the fridge), 2 eggs, 100g of sultanas soaked in water briefly, 100g of golden caster sugar and 200-300ml of milk.

Sieve the flour into a bowl, and if you want add a pinch of salt – some people do this, some don’t – chop the butter into small little cubes and pop them into the flour. Roll up your sleeves and dig those hands in there, rubbing the butter cubes into the flour, crumbling the whole time. Avoid letting the butter melt on your fingers, so constantly coat in flour again and again until you end up with a big bowl of yellowish flour crumbs. Nom.


At this point pop that oven on at 180 degrees Celcius (I suppose that’s around gas mark 4 maybe 5?). Beat the two eggs in a dish and whack ’em in to the bowl. Drain the sultanas, I just pop them in a bowl of water a little while ahead of them being used to make them a little juicier. Pour a little of the 200-300ml of milk on top of the crumb-egg-sultana mix and get your hands stuck in there again. Rolling and kneading it all very well, to get an even distribution of sultanas. Keep adding milk until the mixture has come together, is pliable enough, but don’t let it get runny.

Grab a chunk of it, a little flour on the edge and either roll out little circular blobs, or I cut them out with a very small cutter. I find small scones are much nicer to serve at breakfast – a little daintier if you will.

Once you have cut them out, place on a tray, paint a little milk on the top and a sprinkle of sugar, castor sugar is fine, we like to use a little demerera because it’s a darker golden colour on top then!

Pop into the preheated oven for 30 minutes, until you flip one over and the bottom of the scone is nicely browned. Serve with butter, jam or if you’re feeling naughty a dollop of cream.

Scone Om Nom Nom.

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