The Glory of Fruit: Roasted Pineapple

Coming into the summer months deserts should definitely be fruitier and maybe, only maybe, a little lighter. This is one I had recently when friends were over and for some reason we just thought chocolate was a no-go that night. It’s delicious, different and über-nom!

Skin, peel, rip off, attack the pinapple until it’s clean. I used an apple core thingy or any other small scoopy-like utensil that could be found to take out all the funny little niggley craters that are found after you skin a pineapple. Once the pineapples were ready I popped them into a roasting tin.

Grabbing a pot on heat, add 200g of butter, 400g of brown caster sugar and a cup of water. Then add a teaspoon of vanilla essence, the real stuff. Or if you wanna be fancy some vanilla bean paste. Or scrape all the seeds out of one vanilla pod. Keep all the seeds in there. Basically keep stirring the sauce, which will become like  a thick toffee fudge syrup, add a little more water if needed but it should be fine.

Pour the syrup over the pineapples, and pop them in the oven. Cook for just over an hour, or until you can pop a skewer through them without too much resistance (remember the core will always be a little tough!) During the cooking time baste the pineapples with the caramelised vanilla sauce, turning them each time you baste!

Slice and serve with shortbread, vanilla ice cream or creme fraiche. Nom nom nom.

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