An attempt at Sushi Nom

Sushi is quite the effort to make, and it certainly isn’t cheap – but it is great fun. Got a couple of basics, like how to prep the rice from the Ballymaloe cook book and our lovely local asian market. Fresh fish caught that morning from the fish shop round the corner – a mix of smoked haddock, hake, salmon, swordfish and tuna (and some turkey, smoked mackerel and smoked salmon for the people that are afraid of raw fish). We tempura-ed all the bits that weren’t pretty enough for sushi. Win-Win is what that’s called! 

We had a load of avocado, peppers, spring onions, cucumber, sesame seeds, carrot, courgette and to compliment the fishy-ricey goodness. Wasabi, ginger and soy sauce are a must.

The sushi rice is washed really well, cooked and drained, add some rice wine vinegar and sugar to it – this keeps it sticky and then we spread it on trays to dry a little, but it should be kept at room temp (I think it’s actually meant to be at body temperature, but that’s not particularly practical for beginners). A variety of different helpful videos can be found on youtube, including some easy learning ones with Gordon Ramsey!

Rather than panic about specific rolls to make according to traditional recipes, we all just had a bash at the more modern “western”-style sushi rolls. Traditional or not it was delicious and will be done again soon. As an experience it was fantastically fun and nom nom nom.

Whats the lesson this week? Don’t be afraid of raw fish, give it a try! Nom Nom Nom!

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