Easy Tangy Lemon, Rocket and Prawn Pasta

Monday night, the week has just started and you want something with a really nice kick to it – but it has to be easy to prepare. This is the business.

Grab whatever pasta you want to cook and get the water boiling. Whip out a pan and get some chilis and garlic chopped finely in it with a little oil. Have it at a nice medium heat so they brown quickly, but don’t burn them – there’s nothing worse than burnt garlic.

While the garlic/chili is browning make sure the pasta is on, and grab a bag of prawns from the freezer, (or have them previously defrosted -or fresh if you’re that cool). Pop them in some warm water, not boiling, until they are no longer frozen. Drain them and add them to the pan.

Add some chopped sundried tomatoes or sundried tomatoe paste – if you have it handy – or squeeze in some tomatoe puree. Pop one to two glasses of white wine on top of the cooked prawns and stir in the puree until the prawns are cooking nicely in a light sauce. Pour yourself a glass while your at it and stir occasionally.

Drain the cooked pasta and pop it back into the pot it came from. Pour all the delicious prawn-tomato-wine sauce over it, add a handful of torn rocket and the juice of a lemon and stir all of it together. Season with salt and pepper (mainly pepper, I find I don’t really cook with salt all that much anymore).

Plate it, making sure to give everyone prawns – they always hide at the bottom and if you dont get any there is trouble in our house! Add another few rocket leaves and some lemon zest to top off the dish.

Easy fix and now you can relax and finish off the bottle of white you opened earlier!

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3 thoughts on “Easy Tangy Lemon, Rocket and Prawn Pasta

  1. This looks delicious, I’ve tried a similar recipe before but without the the rocket and added red pepper flakes instead of chili. I’m trying your version next time, can’t say no to extra greens! 🙂

  2. Karen says:

    Sounds like my kind of dish. Thanks for sharing your special recipe.

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