Christmas and the Bibles

There’s something about the way we celebrate Christmas, brushing right passed the loss of the true meaning behind Christmas and nativity and how its become a huge money-driven red and white tinsel-fest holiday, I love the differences in Christmas day food and all the Christmas season foods included in the whole package – that aspect of the celebration is most fascinating. Why is it that we just stuff ourselves until our dad has to roll us on to a couch? ?No? Nobody else? Okay I’m on my own there. But you get the idea. At least you must have to pop a button on the trousers..

Christmas, to me, is a time to share love and joy and do all of this over games and good food (and a little to drink).  Food is the key here again, hence, ye old blog (a whole two posts old). Again my mother has played a huge role in this, because she would have made the dinner, and more often than not decided unequivocally what is on the menu; a menu that is meticulously planned every year, in spite of the lack of change to it. And if any change, only minor change. The whole festive season is created by the build up to the big day, the presents, the time off work/college/school and the meal you share with others on that day.

While the menu is extensive I will have to deal with the different parts individually..

I am particularly partial to the delicacy that is the mince pie. However, I am not keen on any other mince pie than the one I make (or my mothers, but its the same recipe). We make it using the BIBLE*. [In our house: *The Bible a published book containing a collection of recipes by THE QUEEN**.] [In our house: **THE QUEEN is Ms. Delia Smith, crazy fan and partial owner of Norwich FC, BUT more importantly one of the best CLASSIC cooks, who teach you to cook for yourself, for others, for love, for parties and to cook for the enjoyment of food!] We have three copies of the Bible in the house!

So, we use the BIBLE, because we don’t follow the normal mince pie recipe, which a) should use suet (although I would be very happy to use this) and b) we don’t use a shortcrust/shortbread pastry. INSTEAD, we use Delia’s QUICK FLAKY PASTRY, a lighter texture, but heavier in terms of the butter content vs. flour content. It doesn’t crumble so much as crisp and flake and is really crunchy when bitten into. This is an amazing contrast when the addition of the mince, cream or brandy butter is taken into account. It’s delicious.

I haven’t found a better mince pie out there and while my “faver” (favourite) is this recipe – I am always happy to try others.

Anyway, try it. Nom nom and out.

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