A Nommy Food Journal Begins..

This will hopefully be a collection of recipes, dishes and meals made which I will both make myself and experience elsewhere in the world. My own personal relationship with food has always been important, and very much tied into the experience I get from it.
Food being somewhat of a necessity for most  of us has over recent years been highlighted for its flaws in our society, especially where health is considered. Recently both in my education and my personal life I have had to re-evaluate what kind of food one should value and how nutritional values can be upheld in the battle against financial, mass-production line processed produce and our own desire for fast-fixes.

Since we, my brothers and I, were  children we have loved cooking. My mother has always been exceptionally enthusiastic, passionate and extremely talented at putting together a meal that you’d be ready to fight a bear for. She’s also a perfectionist, although that obsessive streak has dulled over the years. I have however found it interesting to meet many people, children and adults alike who simply don’t enjoy cooking and don’t value, what I would term, quality food.

I was 12 years, or possibly even younger and suffered dreadfully from what I suppose you could call depression (having moved to Ireland  from Switzerland and left a very structured life with school, friends and hobbies and exchanged it for a world with little sunshine, and no snow). By 14 I had developed a extremely bad relationship with food, over eating when life’s stresses became too emotionally challenging. Weight loss programs, weight watchers, non-dairy diets and a variety of other attempts left me hovering on the overweight to obese line for most of my teens. I am still considered obese.

About 8 weeks ago I started a new program, but not only that it was a change of heart. I decided that for me, for my partner and future children, for my health , I would have to do something about this growing (outward not upward) problem. It was a decision that required me to take action against an emotional problem that has plaqued me for well over a decade, and at 22 that’s far too much time to have spent worrying, crying and being bullied for something that I was not mature enough to have dealt with alone.

While I have had support, especially from my parents, the real will to change had not yet come to me. I am on my way to a healthy weight, a better fitness and a much deeper understanding of the food we should be eating, what our world actually provides us on the average menu and ultimately a greater appreciation for the food I eat every day.

Nom nom and out.

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